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S> Greetings All,

S> This is my first attempt at programing to communicate with a web server and
S> althought I have been a Delphi programer for 11 years mainly in the database
S> field, I'm a newbie at this kind of programming and I now remember how
S> overwhelmed I was when first starting to learn Delphi.

S> I'm currently using Delphi 5.1 and want to communicate with a web server
S> hosted by USPS.

S> Using the webtools proviced by USPS at 
S> I would like to use their address
S> correction and lookup tools from within my Delphi application.

S> After reading their technical guides they do mention that software 
S> developers can also use these tools from within their own software.

S> I have signed up to use there tools and have tested calling their web server
S> by simply plugging in the following HTTP url (which includes XML) and it
S> works returning an XML value in internet explorer.  (Yeah)

S> Here is what I need to do:

S> I need to connect to a web server, send an xml message, the server receives
S> and respond to my
S> message responding with XML.

S> I can connect to a webserver using my internet browser and send it a string
S> of information like this:


S> NOTE: SERVERNAME and USERID above are of course replaced with the actual
S> server I'm logging onto and the User ID assigned to me

S> and it returns a response like this in XML format that I see in my internet
S> browser

S>   <?xml version="1.0" ?>
S> - <CityStateLookupResponse>
S> - <ZipCode ID="0">
S>   <Zip5>90210</Zip5>
S>   <City>BEVERLY HILLS</City>
S>   <State>CA</State>
S>   </ZipCode>
S>   </CityStateLookupResponse>

S> I understand I need to use the HTTPCli component to connect to the 
S> webserver, but am having trouble in how to use and hope that someone on this
S> list would take pitty on me and help to guide me in how to accomplish this.

S> Any guidance on how to get started would really be appreciated.

S> Thanks,
S> Mike 

just use the api function URLDownloadToFile for such an easy task. you
will find examples in google with "URLDownloadToFile delphi".
the only thing you have to be able is correct forming of the url
string .

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