Hello Veit,

You have to override TriggerGetData method. FEmailfiles is a TStringList
holding the filenames to attach. I think the most easy way is to use the
Objects of this stringlist to add TStreams instead of filenames. In
TriggerGetData Stream is opened from filename, so you can just use the
streams over there. Maybe a day work or so, maybe little longer with
test case..

Rgds, Wilfried [TeamICS]

Wednesday, February 20, 2008, 08:27, Veit Zimmermann wrote:

> Wilfried Mestdagh wrote:
>> Hello Arno,
>>>>> Is there a possibility to use a stream as an attachment of an email?
>>>>> Besides of programming it all by myself, of course.
>>>> I don't think so, I recall that Wilfried asked the same questing last
>>>> year, possibly he has implemented that feature yet and can help with
>>>> some tips?
>> You have a good memory :) No I did not implemented it because it was a
>> small project where the time to invest it was out of budget. Because it
>> was not a heavy load application I did a quick workaround by saving the
>> stream to a temp file before sending the mail.

> Thanks Arno and Wilfried

> I thought about Wilfrieds solution, too, and I probably will go that 
> way. What are the chances and what would the time frame be of 
> implementing stream input to ICS? I definitely need this in future 
> projects. I might try it myself, but at the moment...
> Also I'm not sure that I have enough experience in this field.

>       Veit

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