Change the project options of the package from "Build as needed" (German: "Wenn 
erforderlich") to German "Manual" (probably "On demand" in the English version).

Arno Garrels [TeamICS]

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Tobias Rapp wrote:
> Hello everybody!
> I have a problem related with the ICS package 'IcsDel100.dpk'. I have
> it installed fine with Delphi 2006. Now I have a self-made package
> that depends on tWSocket and thus has 'IcsDel100' in the packages
> requires clause. When I try to compile the package I get the
> following error: 
> [Pascal Error] NoaComm_D2006.dpk(41): E1026 File not found:
> 'IcsDel100.drf' 
> I have no idea what a .drf file is and where Delphi should find it.
> When 
> I uncomment 'IcsDel100' in the requires clause the compile is running
> through with the warning:
> [Pascal Warning] NoaComm_D2006.dpk(77): W1033 Unit 'WSocket'
> implicitly imported into package 'NoaComm_D2006'
> Maybe the problem is not ICS-specific (although it seems that other
> packages are installed fine). Has anybody a hint what to do here?
> /Tobias
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