I had some problems doing it with http://user:[EMAIL PROTECTED], mutible login  
so i turned of the Auth stuff in httpcli and did it in the BeforeHeaderSend

HttpCli->Options << httpoNoBasicAuth << httpoNoNTLMAuth;

void __fastcall TForm::HttpCliBeforeHeaderSend(TObject *Sender,
         const AnsiString Method, TStrings *Headers)
         AnsiString sCombo = UserName + ":" + PassWord;
         Headers->Add("Authorization: Basic " + EncodeStr(encBase64,  

On Fri, 07 Mar 2008 11:53:19 +0100, Bob Reeves <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>  

> Hi,
> I have managed to get a small app working (C++ Builder 4.0) that  
> retrieves an image from a webcam with built in HTTP server and ftp's it  
> up to a web site. However I am going to be allowing internet access to  
> the camera and need to set a user name and password to limit access. My  
> app will now need to fill in a user name and password in order to  
> retrieve the image.
> Anyone willing to help me figure out how to send a user name and  
> password to the camera using the HTTP client?
> Thanks
> Bob

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