I am working on something like :

-  Create Server UDP socket port 0 - Winsock select the listening port

- I retrieve port number using GetSockName/.sin_port

- The Socket server is now listening

-  I  create  a  Socket  client  to connect to other machine but I set
LocalPort  with  same  socket  number  as  the one retrieved by server

- I .Connect the client to other machine and .Send the data

All works fine on XP but the final program must run on NT4 and if I do
this I get WSAEADDRINUSE ( 10048 ) Address already in use.

If i set LocalPort to 0 before .Connect then all is fine of course.

Any idea why NT4 cannot not set localport for UDP sending with same
number as port used by a server socket ? May be an old NT4 Winsock
limitation ?

I know NT4 is old but I have to work on a very old server that can't
be upgraded. May be some of you remember such limitation ?


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