Hello asvetov,

Firewalls and Anti-virus are NEVER 100% disabled because they load low
level  drivers on system boot. So the only way for you to be sure that
firewall is not involved in your problem is to uninstall it or you may
reboot  Windows  in  safe  mode  and  temporary rename kl1.sys klf.sys
klim5.sys so Kaspersky will not run at all next boot.


a> once again: firewall is completely deaktivated. Background file scanner too. 
But seems to be, that some Kaspersky componnents still active and only when I 
complete deactivate protection works all
a> fine.

a> BTW: As for Kaspersky, I really like it and did my BEST experiense with it.

a> 08.03.08, 20:52, "Arno Garrels" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

>> Sounds more like somebody is blocking/intercepting the call
>> to Connect?
>> BTW: I do not use any real time AV scanners or other background
>> security tools, it's my experience that they make more trouble
>> than they help. Same applies to personal firewalls. They all 
>> hook the API function calls as they like. If they do not hook
>> correctly the hooked application will fail or even crash. And
>> especially Kaspersky is known to do ugly things in their drivers
>> (as I read in a nice analysis from some driver-guru on the internet
>> a couple of months ago). Unfortunately it's always the poor
>> application vendor who is blamed :(
>> --
>> Arno Garrels

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