Dave Coventry wrote:
> Well, can anyone see what's wrong with the following code that might
> be causing the problem?:

Spaces in the file path don't matter. At first you should try
to send your file by FtpTst demo, fill in a valid source filename
and the other properties correctly. If that failed you could post
the log.

Arno Garrels [TeamICS]

> DPath:='C:\Documents and Settings\dave\My Dociments\Files to upload';
> FtpClient1.LocalFileName :=
> DPath+'\'+StringGrid1.Cells[1,StringGrid1.Row];
> showmessage(FTPClient1.LocalFileName);//<- Shows the correct filename 
> and path...
> FtpClient1.PutAsync;
> If I can't solve this, I might write a kludge to run the windows ftp
> DOS program from within Delphi to use the 'PUT' directive with
> ShellExecute.
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