Fastream Technologies wrote:
> You were the person responsible for NTLM code, right? 

Right, however as I already told you last year, I will not throw
away my current work or whatsoever I'm currently busy with in order
to concentrate on your or your customer's problems when you want
me to. Obviously you cannot accept that. If you need professional
support I suggest that you move to a commercial Internet Component
Suite and to pay for a support contract.

> If you do not have a clue, ok, but
> there is still a problem. Let's concentrate on fixing our codes...

If you convince me that the problem is caused by a bug in my code I
will of course fix it, however not at once, not at midnight but when
I decide it!
> The account can be authenticated well from web server directly. One
> clue could be the account is on another domain:
> login name: domain\username where the domain is different than web
> server and reverse proxy's.

Yes, that's another possible reason beside a possible bug in your 
implementation, it's your job to rule out such reasons at first 
before trying to make other people responsible for your "annoyed"
customers. Just to be very clear, I'm not responsible in any way 
for your annoyed customers, even if there were a bug in my code.
You could properly test your application before shipping, and of
course you should understand exactly how some features work which
are advertised on your website aggressively.

Arno Garrels

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