Alexander Makhanev wrote:
>> Is this AV happening randomly or always when more than
>> 1000 users are connected? I cannot reproduce this with
>> latest ICS v6 on a clean W2K3 SP1 so far. How long do
>> I have to run the test?
> Try it with 5000 clients sending ~10Kb data every 3sec
> and server will be killed in several minutes.

By an AV on ACCEPT in ntdll.dll ?? 

Sorry but I cannot test the exact same case, currently I only
have two boxes available and the test server is running in
a XP-hosted VM. Here are my results:
5000 connections created by 2 client apps. are sending 50 bytes 
each every 10 seconds (Wilfried's GPRS Clients). 
When I increase the data size or the data-send-interval the
server starts rejecting connections before 5000 clients are
ever connected. Anyway no error after 2 hours! 

Arno Garrels [TeamICS]

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