I am new to programming for UDP, always used TCP, and I have searched for
answers to some basic questions without joy. Hopefully there are quick
questions to answer.

When using TCP and I am the client I use a TWSocket, connect and use the
object to send and receive data.

When using TCP and I am the server I use TWSocketServer to listen and when
OnClientCreate is called it passes an object of my class derived from
TWSocketClient and I use the object to send and receive data.

In most cases I am the client for this new program using UDP. Sometimes
another program may send unsolicited data.

1. Do I need two TWSocket? One to send and one to listen?
2. Since this is broadcast, will I receive the data I transmit in the
OnDataAvaliable callback?
3. Lots of computers will be sending data how do I determine the source (IP
address) of the data in the OnDataAvaliable callback?
4. Any advice about using UDP?



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