> I have tried to implement an exception handler for this event but was
> unsuccessful. 

Due to the asynchrone nature of ICS you cannot catch and handle all 
possible exceptions where they occured as usual, those are called 
background exceptions.

For instance:

   do something; 

When GetAsync returns the try-block is left. Unhandled exceptions that
occur afterwards and before your next event handler would trigger 
OnBgException where you should inspect the exception object and decide
what to do next, OnBgException may also trigger when an unhandled 
exception occured in one of your event handlers, so it's important to
ensure that no unhandled exception raise in an event handler. If 
OnBgException is not assigned background exceptions are silently eaten.

The THttpCli intruduces EHttpException with a error number: 
{ EHttpException error code }
    httperrNoError                  = 0;
    httperrBusy                     = 1;
    httperrNoData                   = 2;
    httperrAborted                  = 3;
    httperrOverflow                 = 4;
    httperrVersion                  = 5;
    httperrInvalidAuthState         = 6;
    httperrSslHandShake             = 7;

Search vor EHttpException in OverbyteIcsHttpProt.pas.

Arno Garrels [TeamICS]

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