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Sent: Thursday, May 01, 2008 3:22 PM
Subject: Re: [twsocket] Reverse ARP?

> Thanks Angus...
> I need to do this in a way so as to minimaly impact the network as a
> whole, while "discovering" the gadgets IP address.   The last time I
> "Pinged" an entire (class C) subnet, I got a visit from IT!..  ;-)   I
> think they were more upset I knew as much as they did about such
> things...
> The unit itself is an industrial RF amplifier, the network port it has
> is a bought in part I've discovered, that supplier (Lantronix) have some
> tools available to do this, but they are not exactly user (read, less
> than capable customer who knows nothing about networks) friendly, as
> they have way too many opertunities to mangle the settings, or are not
> available for redistribution, such as on the units CD manual disk..
> We know the unit's MAC address, it's printed on the case, we just need
> to query it to find it's assigned IP address.  Querying the DHCP server
> is out of the question sadly, even though I know how to, I don't have
> the rights to do so.   I'd doubt if any user would either.
> Oh well, the search continues.   Yes, as you say, lots of Google hits,
> but no real details..   Did find a couple of other people looking for
> the same, some years back.
> Thanks again.
> Dave B.
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>> Subject: Re: [twsocket] Reverse ARP?
>> > Does anyone here know how to implement a "Reverse ARP" request?
>> >
>> > I have a piece of hardware that has a network port for
>> remote control
>> > (RJ45, 10/100 UTP etc) but next to no physical user
>> interface, but it
>> > does support IP address assignment by DHCP.
>> If the hardware sets it's IP address using DHCP, then the
>> DHCP server should be announce the address, but whether this
>> is accessible programmatically is another issue.
>> You can ping the local subnet to find which IP addresses are
>> in use, and try to connect to find your device.  Using a
>> threaded ping, you can send off 253 pings at the same time to
>> avoid all the timeouts waiting for responses.
>> The Microsoft IP Helper APIs do offer some ARP functions, but
>> they appear to relate only to ARP on the local PC.  There is
>> a SendARP function, but it just returns the MAC address for a
>> remote PC by IP address, whereas you want the reverse.
>> Google brings up a lot of hits on Reverse APR and RAPR, but
>> the first page does not show any tools or implementations,
>> just background.
>> Angus
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