zayin wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a server and I want to send a jpeg to the client upon request. This
> image is dynamic. I am using AnswerStream and that is all working great.
> Then I decided I also wanted some text to go before the image. 
> I could not determine how to send text and an image with the same reply.
> So, I imbed a link to the image in a <img src=> tag and that is all working
> now.
> The client now has to make two round trips to get the complete page. One for
> the text and one for the image.
> Is this the only method to accomplish this task?

What you want to do is send a multi-part MIME payload in the body of 
your HTTP response.  You have to set the content-type to 
"multipart/form-data".  For more information, check this page:


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