I have observed that Windows does not pass messages to an application when 
certain User Interface functions are active.  Examples are an open drop-down 
menu or a user dragging a window.  This can cause ICS functions such as this 
Socket Open code to fail:

   { Use while to repeat connects to ensure enough time for reset to end }
    tTarget := Time + ((FiResetTime / 1000.0) / 86400.0);
    while not FfConnected and (Time < tTarget) do begin
      FiLastError := SocketConnect; { Sets FfConnecting }
      if FiLastError = FX_OK then
        { FfConnecting is cleared by FWSocketSessionConnected, may happen on
          socket connection timeout }
        while FfConnecting do
          Application.ProcessMessages;    { This can be FWSocket.MessagePump; }
      end; {if FiLastError=FX_OK}
    end; {while not connected}

With a drop-down menu open, this will run as for long as FiResetTime is set (> 
30 seconds) without connecting.

Is there a way to make Windows continue to pass messages even if a drop-down 
menu or other UI function is active?

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