Hi Tobias,

In order to messure transmission speed I would write a small
test suite including client and server. The client would send
preallocated, constant data blocks in a loop and would use event
OnDataSent to send the next block. The server would simply through
away anything. 

Arno Garrels

> Francois Piette wrote:
>> Which protocol ?
> Well, I'm basically using TCP. My client inherits from tWSocket and
> uses it's own XML-based protocol to deliver data blocks of around
> 256kB to the server (which is also a self-written Delphi ICS
> application). 
> When connecting to the server app over a 1Gbps network cable with 2ms
> RTT I get only around 3-5MB/s. Processing each data block takes <5ms
> and I expected to gain at least 20MB/s of throughput.
> /Tobias
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