I develop the network application that use small packets of data for
data exchage. The size is about several bytes for request and server
reply. I use THttpCli and THttpServer components.

I had had a problem just before I know about TCP_NODELAY flag for the socket.
It is really cool flag for the small packets of data, you know. The
problem was - data exchange was VERY slow.

As I see for the client side there is a ComponentOptions property to
setup TCP_NODELAY flag.

The question is - what is the easiest way to setup TCP_NODELAY flag
for the client socket on the server side?

Current solution is to use function setsockopt from WinSock.pas to
setup TCP_NODELAY for the client socket in OnClientConnect event of
the THttpServer component?

Is it the easiest way? What do you think?

Thank you a lot.

Best regards,
Dimitry Timokhov
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