I have a single thread app that sends and receives messages. For some messages 
it has to run SQL. These are relatively fast, say average of 0.1, up to 0.5 
sec. Due to the design of the app I can't run these in a separate thread, so 
the only option I have is to run sockets in a separate thread. 
With sockets in separate thread I'd have to PostMessages to the main thread for 
it to process them. This can only go as fast as main thread can process 
incoming messages. So that means I don't get any benefit from having sockets in 
a separate thread. 
Is this correct ?
Also, will there be any problems when SQL executes as sockets won't be able to 
receive data during that time. I assume in theory receiving buffer could get 
full, but in reality I don't generate enough traffic for that to happen.

Daniel Mauric
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