I am looking for some assistance regarding the use of HttpCli over a
wireless LAN.

I started using ICS recently from C++ Builder (5 Professional) as a more
reliable alternative to the Netmasters components - in particular I used
HttpCli successfully on a single computer connected to the internet.

Last week I setup a home wireless network using a linksys access point
to share my broadband connection - everything works OK and I have
internet access and file sharing for all computers. I have since
discovered that my program built using HttpCli does not work anymore, if
run on any of the wirelessly connected computers, but works fine on my
main PC (PC1) which is wired directly to the router.

Home Network Setup :

Linksys Router/Access Point/broadband connection -
PC1 - wired connection to router -
PC2 - wireless connection to router -
PC3     ...                                    .102 etc

All the PCs run Windows XP SP2 with full updates, and the networking
equipment is all from Linksys (router is a WAG200G).

When run on any PC > PC1 Httpprot.pas throws an exception when
attempting to do a Get() - it returns a 400 with error message "cannot
resolve IP address". I have run the "httptst" sample program supplied
with ICS and I get the same error.

To fix the problem I have tried changing various properties of the
HttpCli, e.g. setting the routers address as proxy,username/password, 
but without any luck. I looked for some differences between the 
computers setups - all Ifound was that the wired computer PC1 had "no 
proxy" in its browserconnection settings, while PC2 has "automatically 
detect proxy settings". I have *not* tried changing any settings on the 
router itself, as to be frank, I am not very knowledgeable of it, and it 
seems to be working OK, apart from this.

I have been checking the archives and while there are some similar
queries, none quite seems to have the answer I need - e.g.


I am going to have a look at the ICS user-created sample code, some of
which looks promising - i.e. iphelp, socketspy, proxyinfo and traceroute
- but any immediate answers would be greatly appreciated.


Joseph Benson

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