> I will be using the ICS HTTP Client for half of this task and thought 
> since
> you guys are masters in this area you would be the best place to turn for
> guidance. If this is to OT then let me know.
> I need to do a very simple thing, in my mind.
> 1. I need to have a web page hidden from all the search engines and if a
> person does stumble on it they will not be able to view the source.
> 2. Using the ICS client post 3 numbers to the web page, have the web page
> add the numbers and return the result in a reply.
> 3. Protect the "code" so a user can not download the code and set up a
> mocked up web server.
> On the server side I have PHP, Perl and Python available and I have never
> used any of them and have no idea which would be best if one is needed.
> This is part of a simple validation scheme. If my program finds the web 
> page
> and gets the correct result it allows the user to continue.
> There might be a better solution, I thought this might be simple and
> effective. Of course I could be totally wrong.
> Any ideas, solutions, pointers would be appreciated,

All that is fairly simple.
1. Search engine use "robot.txt" file in a website root to not search for 
pages within the website. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robot.txt for 
details. Note that nothing prevent a search engine to ignore that file.

2. At server side, you have to design a PHP script taking the two parameters 
you mention, do the calculation and generate, for example, the result as a 
palin text document. This script would normally be used as an action script 
for a HTML form allowing a browser to present a user interface to let user 
enter the numbers and click the submit button. Using ICS as client means you 
don't need the HTML form at all and you can directly reference the action 

3. Nothing to do to protect the code. A PHP script is never accessible from 
client side. Only the result is available.

> There might be a better solution

Another solution is to use ICS HTTP SERVER component at server side and 
write server side code in Delphi instead of PHP. It is also very easy to do. 
The only caveat is that you must have the right to run you delphi program at 
server side. No problem if you own the server, but if you host it somewhere, 
you have to ask if you can run your own server and use your own port 
(assuming port 80 is already used).

Using a non standard prot would also help keeping the system secret.

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