This is the first time I am writing a UDP server. The other UDP was a
client. It was fairly straight forward.

As the server lets say I have 2 clients, A and B, that will be sending me
unsolicited data of 100 bytes per message.

If I understand, when TWSocket.OnDataAvailable fires the data source can be

For example I could get 10 bytes from A, then 19 bytes from B, then 14 bytes
from B and then 56 bytes from A, etc.

And I might not get the hundred bytes. I might only get 45.

This lead to keeping separate state machines for each client.

With TCP I normally read the data to the client buffer and post a message so
that OnDataAvailable is as short as possible. In this case it appears I need
to read it to a buffer, determine the client, move the data to the clients
buffer and post a message.

Sound about right?



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