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Arno Garrels wrote:

> Probably the body of the HTML page just uses a different charset.
> If so, try to change property Charset of the component to the charset
> of the HTML body. If that doesn't help upload the page somewhere and
> post the link here.

I just found that the THtmlSmtpCli doesn't have a published property
HtmlCharset, sorry. But it is very easy to fix, just add two lines
like shown below, save and rebuild the ICS package. 

In (OverbyteIcs)SmtpProt.pas search the string
"property HtmlText  : TStrings  read  FHtmlText"

        property EmailImages : TStrings              read  FEmailImages
                                                     write SetEmailImages;
        property PlainText : TStrings  read  FPlainText
                                       write SetPlainText;
        property HtmlText  : TStrings  read  FHtmlText
                                       write SetHtmlText;
add=>   property HtmlCharset : String  read  FHtmlCharset
add=>                                  write FHtmlCharset;

I'm pretty sure that we will see this change in the next release. 

Arno Garrels [TeamICS]

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