Hi Francois,

You say that the OnRequestDone event is the correct place to process mass 
e-mails using the TSmtpCli component and then direct me towards the v5 ICS 
MailRob source.  I have looked at this source and there is no OnRequestDone 
source, but I do see that this source uses a TSyncSmtpCli component and that 
SendButtonClick event source contains what looks to be a way to send 
multiple emails using "SmtpClient.OpenSync;" instead of "SmtpClient.Open;"

So can I gather that I should be using a TSyncSmtpCli component (using the 
SendButtonClick event source as a guide) instead of the TSmtpCli component 
using some form of coding in the onRequestDone event?

I await you guidance.


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>> Thanks for your reply.  I have looked at the article and am guessing the
>> best place to loop thru a database to send out mass e-mail would be in 
>> the
>> OnRequestDone event.  Would that be correct?
> Yes, it is.
>> Does anyone have any code they
>> can share of this event to show how they processed records in a database?
> Have a look at ICS-V5 "MailRob" demo program. It is very old and quite
> unknown but contains useful code for you.
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