> Hello:

[DOS attack]

Good point.

>     I guess a way to overcome this in the client side
> would be to send a HEAD request prior to establish if
> the resource is available for consumption.  If not,
> the server will respond with 401 and your client can
> then send the appropriate authentication credentials.

I don't think that this is very practicable. Who should do this, the client or
the component? Every time?

>     Also, if the server is responding prematurely,
> doesn't it mean that the request connection was
> aborted?  And if this is the case, shouldn't the
> HttpCli component detect this and stop sending?

I agree.

>  This
> still won't prevent any data currently in transit
> from generatinga 402 error response when it arrives
> at the server.

At the moment I get a 400 or 414 :-)

Bye, Maurizio.

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