Magenta Systems File Transfer Components comprise three Delphi components,
TMagFtp, TMagHttp and TMagFileCopy, the first two of which are high level
descendants of the ICS TFtpClient and THttpCli components, all allowing
transfer of multiple files and subdirectories with a single function call.
An entire disk volume or just one file may be copied or sent using FTP.

The three components handle file listing from FTP, HTTP and disk volumes,
and multiple file copying.  They also include optional zipping or
unzipping (requires TVCLZip component).  There are numerous options
available, including copying only newer files, deleting old target files,
deletion after transfer, resumed failed FTP downloads and uploads, and a
progress events with various levels of information for logging or display,
depending upon application requirements that allows transfers to be
cancelled. FTP and file copying supports files larger than 2 gigs

There are two versions of the components, both supporting Delphi 7, 2007
and 2009:

- v2.4 only supports ANSI named files on all compilers, with ICS v6 or v7,
dated August 2008 or later
- v3.0 supports Unicode named files on all compilers, with ICS v7 only,
dated 20 September 2008 or later, SVN revision 172 or later

Both versions may be installed at the same time, all the v3.0 units and
types have a W suffix (for widestring).

Simple demonstration programs illustrate all major functionality. 

Previously, these components were only available to paid supporters of
the ICS SSL project.  But now SSL is free to all, these components are
also free to all.  They make implementing FTP in end user applications
much easier than using the raw TFtpClient component. 

Magenta Systems File Transfer Components are copyrighted software but may
be used without cost.

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