>> btw: It is probably a better idea to make the small effort to migrate
>> application to ICS V6 which is available from the SVN server with SSL
>> already included. ICS-V5 is in end of life.

> I'm assuming that if we're still using Delphi 6, then migrating to ICS V6
> isn't feasible.  (I never looked at V6 because we're still on D6.)

It is likely that some features will not compile with Delphi 6 since we use
language feature introduced with Delphi 7.

I strongly suggest everyone upgrade to Delphi 2007 which is an easy upgrade
from almost all Delphi versions. And then later to Delphi 2009. Upgrading to
Delphi 2009 is more difficult since there is a major change in the string
datatype which is now Unicode.

Since Delphi 2007 is relatively old and is a very well accepted Delphi
version (Probably de best for many years !), you will probably easily find
all 3rd party component you may use upgraded for Delphi 2007.

Author of ICS (Internet Component Suite, freeware)
Author of MidWare (Multi-tier framework, freeware)

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