DZ-Jay wrote:
> I've seen UTF-8 used all the time (and that's what I've used, too),
> and in fact that's probably what IE uses--but I can't find it anywhere
> specified as the HTTP protocol character set--unless I'm missing
> something.  It may be that UTF-8, by convention or tradition, is the
> de facto character set, but is this the rule?
> Can anybody find anything else?

It doesn't seem to be mandatory, however suggested to use UTF-8 since 
January 2005, RFC 3986.

In my local copy I changed UrlEncode() to produce correct UTF-8 and 
UrlDecode() to assume UTF-8 in case of the byte sequence to be decoded 
has been checked for valid UTF-8 successfully, otherwise the function 
assumes local default code page in D2009 or does not change the encoding
in older Delphi versions. The fact that both IE and Firebird send UTF-8
URLs seems to confirm this change.     

Arno Garrels
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