Some kind of advertising, and it has nothing to do with
ICS, but nice stuff IMO ;-)

Download: http://www.duodata.de/misc/delphi/DDService.zip

DDService for Delphi 5, 7, 2006, 2007 and 2009 currently
adds the following features to the original CodeGear service
framework :
 - Optional console control handler
 - Property ServiceName. 
 - Some bugs still present in CodeGear's framework fixed.
 - Win 2000 FailureOptions and FailureActions, 
   Service Description.
   HandlerEx extended service controls:
   ParamChange, NetBindChange. 
   Optional device events as well as power events.
   Assigning one of those events will create a window
   in the context of the service thread.
   The service window is also created when option
   eoSynchronizeConsoleEvents is set.
 - Win XP SessionChange service control
 - Win Vista PreShutdown service control and
   NonCrashFailures flag, Service SID Info, Required
   Privileges and StartType AutoDelayed.

Please do not answer to the list, feel free to send me a
PM instead.

PS: Works from NT4 to Vista (should work on Server 2008 as well)

Arno Garrels 
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