> I am using a httpcli created on run-time. I first connect to a website, 
> and after DocEnd I call another procedure that changes the event 
> procedures and connects to a different website. On the 2nd call I get an 
> Exception "HTTP component is busy", so I do this before trying the 2nd 
> call
>  try
>    LoginSocket.Abort;
>  except
>  end;
> that, however, generates another exception. Checking the httpcli state 
> before the abort, it is "Waiting Body"
> What is the best way to "reset" the component between both calls and leave 
> it in a "Ready" state? The first call is GetAsync and the 2nd one is 
> PostAsync.

Do not use OnDocEnd to start the next connection but OnRequestDone.
OnDocEnd is when the document is complete (Time to commit in database for 
example) while OnRequestDone tells you the component has finished your 
request and is ready for the next one.

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