Today I merged current SSL code (v6 including old fixes) with ICS v5.
Good bye INC-files!
Added the working demo applications from V6 and fixed the BCB HttpsTst
demo. These changes are currently only available via the ICS SVN 
repository, checkout svn://svn.overbyte.be/icsv5/trunk or

To access the repository, you need to use a subversion client. For example 
TortoiseSVN (http://tortoisesvn.net/)
which is very good and OpenSource.

Once your SVN client is installed, for ICS-V6 you can browse to 
svn://svn.overbyte.be/ics or
http://svn.overbyte.be:8443/svn/ics or for ICS-V5 to: 
svn://svn.overbyte.be/icsv5 or
http://svn.overbyte.be:8443/svn/icsv5.  ICS-V7 is a part of V6, in 
All use usercode = ics and password = ics for read access.
Write access is only available to TeamICS.

Arno Garrels [TeamICS]

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