Angus Robertson - Magenta Systems Ltd wrote:
>> can't you create those INI files at run-time rather than put them
>> in the package?
> Only by adding 50 lines of extra code to the multiple demo programs,
> instead of having a simple text file someone can edit.  It really is
> overkill for simple demo applications.

I could make it in estimated 10 to 15 lines (hopefully). I think creating
them dynamically at run-time allows us to change the INI locations easily.      

> I changed the FTP client demo today, and I can perhaps see why you
> want to save two unicode strings there.  

It's no big deal, but 'nice to have' anyway.

> Except I don't find the
> client demo useful for proper FTP testing, only simple one-off
> commands.  

In order to test the server you also need a stress testing application 
that is capable to establish hundreds of concurrent connections.

> I use the TMagFtp component which lists existing files and
> directories in unicode, so all the FTP commands get tested together
> without needing a unicode root.

That's also a good test.
> I have to say I find it very disappointing that CodeGear never tested
> TMemIniFile properly with Unicode for D2009, there is only so much
> beta testers can be expected to do, for various complex reasons. 

It has been reported but didn't make it into UPD 1, though it's one
of the simpliest fixes one can imagine :( 

> All
> my applications use TMemIniFile, so they won't be migrating to D2009
> any time soon.  IniFile with an API call for each line was always so
> inefficient.

Now we have a home-grown solution ;-)


> Angus
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