The SVN repositories for V5, V6 and V7 have all been updated in the last
few days various bug fixes and new features, primarily for FTP, but also
MIME and other components.  

Arno and I have added Unicode UTF-8 and code page support to the v7 FTP
client and server, so they are now fully internationalised when built
with Delphi 2009.  There are many comments in the FTP client code about
interworking with the more common FTP servers.  

The FTP server and client now support the new HOST command (defined by
Microsoft and supported by Windows 2008 FTP server).  HOST works
similarly to HOST in HTTP, allowing multiple host domains to share a
single IP address.  If enabled in the client, HOST is sent before the
logon and causes the server to select the correct host domain against
which to authenticate.  The HOST command solves a problem for ISP's
needing to allocate individual IP addresses to allow FTP access with
shared servers.  Obviously this facility will only become useful once
most clients support it, so please do try and upgrade your applications
to v7. 

Information about downloading from the SVN repository is on the ICS web
site, or the zipped versions of the latest SVN V6 and V7 may be
downloaded from:

The Magenta Systems File Transfer Components have also been updated for
the new V6 and V7 SVNs, there are three versions supporting FTP in
different way:  

*  v2.5 only supports ANSI named files on all compilers, with ICS v6 or
v7, dated August 2008 or later

* v3.2 supports ANSI named files with Delphi 7 and 2007, and Unicode
named files with Delphi 2009, with ICS v7 only, dated November 2008 or
later, SVN revision 232 or later.

* v3.2W supports Unicode named files on Delphi 2007 and later, with ICS
v7 only, dated November 2008 or later, SVN revision 232 or later, using
custom wide versions of the ICS components with wide strings. This
version also includes a widestring version of the ICS FTP server
supporting full Unicode with Delphi 2007. The TNT Delphi Unicode Controls
are used to display a Unicode log window.


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