I use the FTP component to get or put files and when I wanted to active 
it at my customer office there was over 8000 files to download.

I've tried 2 methods :
1- I use the displayfileflag on true, I send a LS command and I get the 
filename in the event OnDisplayFile
2- I use the displayfileflag on false and use the temporary file 
generated to know filenames.

In the first method, it return only 1000 files and some are truncated on 
different part (name, extensions....)
In the second method, it return only 2000 files.

I would like to know if I use correctly the way to get files list. And 
if someone could explain me the 2 methods to list files on a server.
(I don't need get 8000 files on 1 pass but I just want to know if I use 
the method correctly).

I know that there is a Overbyte FTPTest, and I saw it used the temporary 
file but I don't want to use one if possible.....


Guillaume ROQUES
CANYON Technologies
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