I have a (non oriented socket) question : 
Can you tell me what is the best general Delphi mailing list please ?

Just to ask some simple questions like :

How to pass "nothing" to a function/proc that waits for an Var argument ?

Let's take the System
    procedure Val(S;var V;var Code:Integer);    

Val(S, 0, 0);  OR  Val(S, Null, Null);     doesnt' work of course

   S: String;
   myV : Integer;
   myCode : Integer;
   Val(S, myV, myCode);     works fine until I don't use the 2 var after so it 
makes a warning (hint) i don't want

How may I delete the warning/hint if the myV or myCode argument are never used 
after so i don't need a to declare a new var ?
(even i know that the arguments are to be used, of course :-)  )

Proc "Val" is juste an example... 

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