Sorry if this is a rather simple question, but I would appreciate some help.
I have previously used ICS components in a number of my own applications
under BCB4 & BCB5 with no problems.
I am now re-starting programming after a break of three years and I have
purchased RAD Studio 2007 (BCB & Delphi).
I am trying to "port" my application projects from BCB5 to be built in
BCB2007 and I am having trouble getting it to recognise the ICS components.
I have built the components from the unzipped "" and
installed into the IDE, but when I build my app it doesn't recognise
anything to do with the ICS components.
Do I have to re-create the projects from scratch or do they generally work
by allowing BCB 2007 to "convert" them and then build?
I realise this is probably an operator thing rather than an ICS thing as I
am new to RAD Studio 2007 and have been out of programming for a while.
Please point me in the right direction if this is not the correct place to
ask this question.

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