>  Need to reboot a device in the
> middle of the night via a Web page.
> Any ideas on how to accomplish this?
> I know that I am being vague.  I'll probably
> need this program to reboot different devices
> on different schedules.

Is the page hosted by ICS HTTP server component ?
If it's the case, then is is easy. Look at the ICS webserv demo. Look how 
the "time" web page is done. Instead of calling a function to get time, just 
call Windows API to reboot the computer and you are done. Be sure to run 
your application with enough credentials to do a reboot. See MSDN 

If your webpage not hosted by ICS, then you are probably in the wrong 
mailing list to ask. Use for example delphi-t...@elists.org (you see same 
server, different list) to ask. Just a hint: write a CGI or ISAPI which will 
call the same API to reboot the computer. Be awre of permission issues.

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