luciano digivoice wrote:

> I was reading the source code of 'OverbyteIcsSslMailSnd', but I don't
> know the steps that I need to follow to send an e-mail using my gmail
> account, 

There is nothing special with gmail accounts. 
Gmail provides both, Implicit and Explicit TLS.
Implicit requires to connect to a dedicated port number, Explicit (STARTTLS)
starts the session as plain text on port 25 and after the StartTls command 
succeeded the connection continues encrypted.

> What I need to type in the 'text box' parameters, and I
> don't know the button steps that I need to follow.

For Explicit TLS on port 25:
Connect -> Ehlo -> StartTls -> Ehlo -> Auth -> MailFrom -> RcptTo -> Data -> 
If you do not tick the SslVerifyPeer checkbox neither CA File nor CA Path
are required, Cert File, Key File and Passphrase are not required with

Arno Garrels [TeamICS]

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