Jean-Paul Passama wrote:
> Has someone any idea to get a progress bar to visualize the sending
> progression, as Thunderbird does, while sending a message (with heavy
> attachment) ?

Since the TSmtpCli encodes all message parts on the fly you cannot know
the message size in advance which makes it rather complicated to implement
such a feature. 
When I have some minutes (maybe next weekend) I will add an event 
OnDataSent(Sender: TObject; BytesSent: Integer); which would trigger 
whenever a Data line has been sent, and a method
CalculatedMessageSize: Int64; to get the correct message size. 
However CalculatedMessageSize will have to compose the message including 
Base64 encoding of all file attachments in advance which takes some time 
(with a 12 MB file attachment it takes approximately 4 seconds on my computer). 

Arno Garrels [TeamICS]

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