Hello guys !

Concerning NICs and IP list, is there any way on a web browser (IE7, FF3) to 
send the local network IP of the client computer to the HTTP server (made 
with ICS HttpServer) ?

(Example: I have 2 computers at home , one is directly connected to internet 
and has 2 IPs (external and local usually, and another with IP

Is there a way to send from inside the browser (using Javascript ?) the 
192.168.0.x IP to HTTP server and not only the real external IP.

I ask this question because I need in a multi player game to identify the IP 
of each player on the local network (else everyone has the same external IP 
from the HTTP server point of view). Of course I use also HTTP cookie with a 
sessionID inside but for security reasons I want to be sure that no one on 
LAN captured the sessionID of another IP and sends "fake" messages to 

Thanks !


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