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> Maurizio,


> >> Something like that is required, also because current authentication
> >> code in the THttpCli is a complicated nightmare, error-prone and
> >> contains plenty of duplicated code.
> > 
> > I know it very well :-)
> > I already post in the past my propose of changes, but probably it was
> > not the right moment because I got no feedback.
> Well done! I think I can merge your code with ICS v7 next week and add 
> digest authentication.

If you already added the Digest to the client then I suggest to do the merge
using the version without it. I hope that at the end all code that actually is
not used by the new authentication handling will be removed. Otherwise we
continue to have two different code into a single source and maintain both will
be a nightmare.
The Digest authentication support must be in a different unit.

> The demo should then be extended to show how to 
> preemptively send Authorization headers.

At the end yes.

> In order get this working with
> digest wee need the realm, nonce and opaque values from the challenge
> as well as HTTP method, the digest URI and a nonce count value which has
> to be incremented on each request actually received by the server.

This is done by the class that handle the specific authentication. After the
component has selected which scheme will be used (the strongest one) it will
initialized using the specific header line sent by the server.

About the merge, I suggest to done it just to be a bit confident with the new
authentication handling. But not make it "official" for the moment since I want
to change it and this will certainly mean that some classes, events an so on
will be different, introducing "backward" compatibility if the actual will be
Mainly what I want to do is:
- add a way to authenticate without first receiving a 401/401 status code
- handle different realms sent form the server
- add a way to tell the component which proxy should use.
I hope that I start to work on it very very soon.

Bye, Maurizio.

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