Piotr Dałek wrote:
> Hello!
>> Piotr Dałek wrote:
>>> Hello!
>>>> A reliable way to calculate More was
>>>> "More := Stream.Position < Stream.Size;"
>>>> however that is slower since Stream.Size has to seek to the end of
>>>> the stream and the back to current position on each call of
>>>> DoFileEncBase64(). (Instead of Stream.Size we could also check
>>>> against file size, however only with ShareMode fmShareDenyWrite).
>>> var
>>>  LocalStreamSize: integer;
>>> [..]
>>> LocalStreamSize := Stream.Size;
>>> [..]
>>> More := Stream.Position < LocalStreamSize;
>>> [..]
>>> Problem solved.
>> I do not get this, sorry. Please elaborate.
> Get the stream size only once - store it somewhere and use stored
> value instead of calling Stream.Size getter.

OK, but what will happen if the stream size changes during encoding, if for 
the component user opened the file with ShareMode fmShareDenyRead?

That's why I added public property Mode to the TBufferedFileStream class and 
check the ShareMode in DoFileEncBase64,. in case of no problem 
TBufferedFileStream(Stream).FastSize is called (which is current, constant 
otherwise Stream.Size (which is slow, but who will actually open a file to be 
with ShareMode fmShareDenyRead only ? I guess not many).

Arno Garrels [TeamICS]

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