Markus Müller wrote:
> Hi Arno Garrels,
> I looked over the code of "THttpCli" and if you do not have a
> connection from localhost to localhost it may work... I expect this
> in particular cause the read of Megabytes is done within split
> seconds, 

Yes, it is very fast. 

> also if my program is sleeping (for example on a breakpoint
> in Delphi).

How do you manage this? If the application stops at a breakpoint
it can no longer receive data. 
> The problem is that the read occures within miliseconds because
> localhost does
> not have any latency. In the case of THttpCli ther there is a 1000ms
> timer: I think
> this is much too slow to prevent the reading of so many data
> (Megabytes!) within
> this small time, isn't it?

Yes, that's why THttpCli has a property BandwidthSampling which sets
the timer interval.

> In my Client ICS Proxy software I have my own Message Loop, I don't
> juse socket.MessageLoop but process the messages in .Execute of my
> Thread by myself. If the problem would be the messages, then I would
> be able to ignore them there... But the read is done if my Client
> sleeps (for example on a breakpoint) or not! So I think the messages
> are not the problem... 

That's correct, a little bit later, after I wrote my previous replay, I 
recalled that after Pause a flag is set internaly and the component ignores
those notification messages still waiting in the application message queue
when this flag is set. 

> Maybe it is a general Winsock problem about
> Async read? 

I don't think so, the component only reads from the socket
when it gets a notification message.

> Is it possible to put a Socket
> into a Sync read?

Possible yes ( with winsock API ), however I would not recomment 
doing that.

Have you tried option wsoNoReceiveLoop yet?

Arno Garrels
> Thanks in advance for any hints... I am completely frustrated about
> this problem... I just wanted to implement Flowcontrol into my
> Application, which I have developed over a month... And now I must
> search for a completely new network framework and must begin from
> root? :-( 
> Much regards,
> Markus Mueller
>> Markus Mueller wrote:
>>> it buffers sometime within 2-4 MByte before "socket.pause" does
>>> help, my
>>>> 3 Ghz Dualcore
>>> seems to buffer also hunderts of MByte...
>> procedure TCustomWSocket.Pause calls winsock API WSAAsyncSelect.
>> It simply tells winsock to stop posting notification messages.
>> "Although WSAAsyncSelect immediately disables event message posting
>> for the socket in this instance, it is possible that messages could
>> be waiting in the application message queue. Therefore, the
>> application must be prepared to receive network event messages even
>> after cancellation."
>> That's most likely what you observe, isn't it?
>> BTW: The THttpCli component supports bandwidth control, search for
>> "UseBandwidthControl".
>> --
>> Arno Garrels
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