wayne forrest wrote:

> 1) This is a complete new Install no components installed, it is a
> FRESH Delphi 2009 install.

That IMO cannot be true since obviously the old OverbyteIcsSslDel120Package
was still installed. There doesn't exist a OverbyteIcsSslDel120Package
in current revision.  
> After Removing the OverbyteIcsTypes from the Run.bpl package, at first
> Delphi Crashed,
> then I retried with Success.

Sounds like something went very wrong. 

If you remove OverbyteIcsTypes from the package it's imported implicitly
on next build, it should not be removed from the package.

Also ensure that there are no conflicts. For example, if a library search
path still points to an older version of ICS unpredictable things may 

> regarding the .dcr resource file I simply created a new one from one
> of your existing ones,
> and that seemed to work.

That works, however the OverbyteIcsWSocketTS.dcr should be removed
from OverbyteIcsD2009Run.dpk as long as the threaded WSocketServer 
component is not yet included in V7.

Arno Garrels

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