Hello Keith,

You  said  "disabled", one thing I learned by experience about FWs and
AVs is that they are never 100% "disabled", you MUST uninstall them to
be  sure  they  are not causing the problem because disabling keep low
level drivers loaded.

For  catching  exceptions  you  can  simply  use  MadExcept  (free) or
EurekaLog  (not  free  but  more  powerfull and reliable, test version
block  the  EXE  30  days  after  compilation  (or  first  run I don't
remember) so it should be enought for your tests, and as a side effect
it make your app "trial period").


KW> I've disabled all Firewalls and anti-virus stuff without any change in the
KW> apps behaviour. I even tried re-compiling the ICS library and also directly
KW> linking the relevant Pascal units into my project all without any change to
KW> the problem. I will now try to catch an exception on my development PC when
KW> I dynamically allocate memory. This sometimes happens and I may be able to
KW> trap an exception lower down in the ICS code with the debugger if I directly
KW> link in the Pascal units. I may also install Windows 2000 Pro on to the EEE
KW> Box target machine.

KW> ... After this I'm probably out of ideas. It might be time to try the Indy
KW> component to see what it does :(

KW> Keith Willis.

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KW> Keith Willis wrote:
>> Well I tried "malloc" and "free" without any joy. I have however been 
>> able to ascertain that its crashing in the call to "Receive".
>> More significantly its only crashing on my target machine, (an ASUS 
>> EEE Box B202 running Windows XP Home). I can't seem to crash it on my 
>> development PC, (A generic Pentium desktop running Windows 2000 Pro).
>> Is there some difference between the Winsock library in Windows XP 
>> Home and Windows 2000 Pro?

KW> The sample I posted previously to the list runs without problem on both XP
KW> Home and Pro. Is there any security software installed, like a personal
KW> firewall, anti-virus software etc.? If so, first try to disable it, if that
KW> doesn't help, remove it.  

KW> --
KW> Arno Garrels
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