> Is the a component or source code available that would 
> allow me to Send SMS messages to peoples phones from my Delphi 
> Application?

Before thinking about source code, you need to decide the technology to
send the SMS, and arrange necessary hardware and/or service centre
accounts for testing the application. 

The common ways to sending low volume SMS are: 

1 - Send the message using an email to an SMS service centre. Needs an
internet connection and the ICS SMTP component. 

2 - Use an HTTP request to send the message to an SMS service centre.
Needs an internet connection and ICS HTTP client component.  

3 - Use a GMS modem (or a mobile telephone with an RS232 connection) with
a SIM card to send the message.  Needs async component using GSM
protocols, but works without an internet connection provided the GSM
modem has cell service.   The Turbopower Async Pro component supports GSM
protocols, but needs various fixes to work with current modems. 

I have an application that does the last two, but it's not trivial. 


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