> I need to connect to industrial printers for printing on packaging witch
> are acting like servers.
> So, what I do is: I create a client and connect to such a printer. This
> works fine.
> Now I have to modify my application that I have to search in a range of
> IP-adresses for such printers.
> When I find a printer, I have to connect to it and searching further for
> more printers.
> So, I can have more connections ( Client--> printer )
> I know how to work with 1 Server--> many Client connections, but this is
> many clients-->to many servers.
> How can I past a server of a printer to a client and searching for the
> next server of a printer.?

If you have to be connected simultaneously to many servers, simply use as 
many TWSocket as you have server.
If you connect to a server, send something, disconnect and go with next 
server, then you can use a single TWSocket.

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