jli...@gmail.com wrote:
> Hello Arno,
>> You are using in an old ICS version.
> I just re-downloaded V6 RC1 from ICS site (not subversion.)
> It seems to be the same as the version I'm using. I notice
> a lot of conditional defines in the source code, though.
> I'm only using the default.
>> Yes, always use the head revision from the ICS Subversion
>> repository. More details on the ICS homepage.
>> BTW: Current highest OpenSSL version supported is 0.98i.
> I may give the svn head branch a try when I have some
> more time.

Or use OpenSSL 0.98e. 

Or change unit OverbyteIcsLIBEAY.pas: 

    //OSSL_VER_0906G = $0090607f; no longer supported
    OSSL_VER_0907G = $0090707f;
    OSSL_VER_0907I = $0090709f;
    OSSL_VER_0908  = $00908000;
    OSSL_VER_0908A = $0090801f;
    OSSL_VER_0908E = $0090805f;
    OSSL_VER_0908H = $0090808f;
    OSSL_VER_0908I = $0090809f;
    // Or should we also create an dynamic array of Longword we would add only
    // tested/wanted versions?
    MIN_OSSL_VER   = OSSL_VER_0907G;
    MAX_OSSL_VER   = OSSL_VER_0908I;
    MIN_OSSL_VER   = OSSL_VER_0908E;
    MAX_OSSL_VER   = OSSL_VER_0908I;

Arno Garrels [TeamICS]

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