The keep-alive message consume a lot of traffic also.
After 5 seconds inactivity, the first  keep-alive message is sent.
After that, these messages are coming continuously.
Also, the communication of the 2 clients could perfectly be handled by 1 
client, but currently 1 client has to send streams using Post and the other 
has to send a string using Get.
I've tried to do both with 1 client, but the THttpCli fails here.
If it has posted a few streams and then sends a string using Get, it often 
fails. I've tested this with V5 and V7.
It only works if I close the THttpCli after each request.


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> It always take sometimes to negociate a connection opening between two
> computers. They must exchange a few packets before the connection is
> established. The time taken depends, imo, mostly of the round-trip time.
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