Fastream Technologies wrote:
> I don't see your point. The SSL web server requires the domains to be
> used by client to access to be in the accepted hosts--tested!

Most SSL-demos have an Edit for this property. But AFAIR only the
HTTPS client demo actually make use of it as a non-perstistent cache
for IP addresses and some hash values. This property is not used by
the SSL component code.

> However, I don't have a wildcard cert to test.

Why don't you build one? Instead of "" enter 
"*" in either the commonName or something like 
"DNS:*" in the subjectAltName field. 
Multiple commonName fields are also allowed or a comma-
separated list in subjectAltName.

Arno Garrels

> HTH,
> SZ
> On 3/26/09, Arno Garrels <> wrote:
>> Fastream Technologies wrote:
>>> How would one define the multiple domains in accepted hosts? Is this
>>> ok: *. ?
>> If you mean property SslAcceptableHosts, which is a simple string
>> list, you may put in whatsoever you like. Unless you don't use these
>> strings somewhere in your application code they are useless.
>> So it depends on how you use this list.
>> --
>> Arno Garrels
>>> On 3/25/09, Arno Garrels <> wrote:
>>>> Fastream Technologies wrote:
>>>>> Hello,
>>>>> Anybody tested this configuration? Is there any code changes
>>>>> needed to have it working?
>>>> No changes required.
>>>> --
>>>> Arno Garrels
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