Peter Van Hove wrote:

> How is the latest and greatest (HEAD) version doing lately ?  Still
> buggy as mentioned ?

It's working quite nice. When I said "buggy" I meant the Alpha #1 download
has known bugs which are all fixed in current SVN revision. I'm currently 
not aware of a bug in current head revision neither from own experience 
nor from reports in this list, however that does not guarantee that it
_is bug-free.    

> Also, supposing I can install and use the component correctly.
> What do I best do when source files have been updated ?

At first take a look at the Subversion log and decide whether current
changes are important to you. If so, update your local work copy.
You are even able to switch your work copy back to any previous
SVN revision number available, useful if the head revision introduced
some bug, for example.

> I mean, how do I make sure that the installed component uses the newer
> source ?

You have to rebuild each package which uses this ICS.

> Just rebuild, or also uninstall and install the components again ?

Usually a rebuild is enough, however we modified packaging recently,
so if you have a version installed which is not yet split up in a 
design-time and run-time package an uninstall is required first
(and vice versa). Same applies if you upgrade or downgrade from a 
different version number (V5 to V6 for example), if you use the. 

> Is the build source stored in a lib file ?  

No, for each Delphi unit a .dcu, .hpp and .obj file is created,
output path of the .obj and .dcu files can be spezified in the 
project options somewhere.

Arno Garrels 

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