Hello Arno,

Yes,  interesting  to  be able to use SmartCards with X.509 + PIN code
for  strong  authentication.  For  example  every  french doctor own a
smartcard  containing  two X.509 certificates, one for signing and one
for authentication.


AG> Interesting new feature anyway! If you want to implement it in ICS I
AG> vote for it. BTW: I'm still looking for an easy solution to use the 
AG> Windows certificate store directly in OpenSSL rather than a copy into
AG> PEM file(s).

>> I  already used OpenSSL + PKCS11 engine and also Stunnel successfully,
>> that's  why  I  want  try to do it with using Delphi+ICS to get better
>> integration than using external Stunnel.

>>>> I  am  trying  ICSv6  SSL  for  the  first  time  (Delphi 7), and I
>>>> am wondering  if  it  can  support  PKSC11  engine  (authentication
>>>> using certificates stored into smartcards protected by a PIN code) ?
>>> I think it can be achieved with OpenSSL and a PKCS11 engine, just
>>> found this link: http://www.opensc-project.org/engine_pkcs11
>>> It's likely that the ICS source code would have to be changed.
>>> --
>>> Arno Garrels

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